présentation de deuxième groupe d'intervention

Public space: a mirror of ourselves…

"The moment can last less than a morning, less than an hour, less than a fraction
of a second, the moment can happen
in the blink of an eye…"

Quelque part dans l’inachevé…
Vladimir Jankélévitch


" Touch, whisper, inspire. Redirect busy roads.
Knock on doors.
Search the town for humanity.
Observe, attract, provoke, negotiate, meet.
Arise fragility. Wake up the sensitive zones.
See the strange differently. Re-examine the familiar.
Lie down on zebra crossings and contemplate the sky.
To the ceaseless movement, offer silence.

Play the public space. In it, with it, for it.
Make conversation move, embody the writing through the spoken word,
wear choice like an armour and go into close contact,
wear it as an armor for closer contact ,
question in situ and reinvent what representations are.
Break down borders between those who give and those who seize.
Try to apply, in the full light ofday, humanism.

Art is contact, body engaged.





Since 1995 Deuxième Groupe d'Intervention creates artistical situations for, with and within the public space, while researching and elaborating a multi-disciplinary language. This approach, led by Ema Drouin, author and artistic director, is grounded on a contemporary speech (often elaborated in collaboration with writers), on a specific relationship with the audience and the local population throught physical proximity and interactivity, and on relying on the architectural place. Deuxième Groupe d'Intervention claims the public space, a place where anything is possible, as a place of thoughts to be lived in and shared.




I opened the door, I was eighteen, I took the risk...

Outside, Ema Drouin crosses the path of the Morallès family, with whom she takes off for the first time on a trapeze. In 1987, she meets Philippe Freslon and together they found la Compagnie Off in Tours. There she starts writing, providing inspiration for productions and interventions, giving direction to actors. As trapeze artist and actor, she interprets the unconventional images of the company’s repertoire. In 1990, she breaks free and launches a ‘Deuxième Groupe d’Intervention’ to make contact, expose herself, sex pose, with women and with words. In 1995, she leaves with her ‘inheritance’ to realise her ambition: to write for the street and place the actor and words at the heart of the public arena. She establishes the company Deuxième Groupe d’Intervention (2GI) and sets up residence in the Charles Foix gerontological hospital in Ivry-sur-Seine. Ema D. manages, with Françoise Vuillaume, the group ‘Écrire pour la rue’ (Write for the Street), established by the Ministère de la Culture within the framework of Temps des Arts de la Rue (Time for Street Arts). She is president of La Federation des Arts de la Rue in Ile-de-France for 2006 to 2008. She is a member of the task group, ‘Mais que font les Artistes?’(But What Do Artists Do?) At the end of 2007, Deuxième Groupe d’Intervention left La Blanchisserie and opened ‘boutique’ at Malakoff

Deuxième Groupe d’Intervention has an agreement with la DRAC Ile-de-France Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
It is supported by
le Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France
le Conseil Général des Hauts-de-Seine
and la Ville de Malakoff



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